Roadster-T Chassis

The 80″ wheelbase Roadster-T chassis & fiberglass floor was designed to complement our own Roadster-T body. The roadster T chassis is designed to use VW type 1 running gear, 1958 thru 1978. Pre-1966 front ends will require shock mount modification. It’s stronger than a stock pan, plus saves time, and allows tunnel access from underneath that you don’t get with a stock chassis. The fiberglass floor features a ribbed design for added strength. The shiny, black, gel-coat finish won’t rust and doesn’t need to be painted. The tunnel on the Roadster-T chassis floor has been modified to relocate the shifter further back to compensate for the repositioning of the driver’s seat further back on the pan, then in the VW Beetle. The chassis is made of square tubing, with a 2″ mainframe & 1-1/2″ infrastructure, adding an extra 1-1/2″ of lift to the body for increased tire clearance. It features body mounting holes that are pre-drilled, sealed, and recessed so that the bolts do not protrude below the chassis. Please specify when ordering whether you will be using stock VW pedals & master cylinder or a hydraulic pedal package.

The Roadster T chassis comes standard with:

  • Manufactured with raw steel
  • Fiberglass Floorpan drilled and mounted
  • 8 front-end clamps w/bolts & nylock nuts
  • Shift coupler inspection plate
  • A sandblasted & capped stock VW torsion with Chrome Spring Plate Caps
  • Tube for the throttle cable
  • Tube for clutch cable
  • Tubes for emergency brake cables
  • Brackets installed for mounting: e-brake handle, shifter, shift tube w/bushing, pedal box for mounting a stock VW pedal assembly & master cylinder
  • A reinforcement plate if you will be using a hydraulic pedal package

Part #c058-BB313

Roadster T Chassis Options

  • Powder-coated steel
  • Weld-on Battery Box
  • Rear Bumper Cage Kit (Merged or Split Exhaust Available)
  • Narrowed Rear Torsion Area (Swing Axle Only)

For pricing and shipping information, please visit an authorized Berrien Buggy dealer or contact our preferred dealer, Acme Car Company.