Flat Side Pods

Flat side pods are the economical answer to, “My fiberglass body is from an unknown manufacturer…do you have side pods to fit it?” YES, we do! The flat pods give a more finished look, covering up the exposed fiberglass with a beautiful gelcoat color layer. They fit tight to the inside wall of the body and frame. And, they fit almost ANY 80″ wheelbase shortened body that was designed to fit the VW pan.

Available For:

  • Nostalgia
  • Most 80″ wheelbase bodies

Available In:

  • Gel Coat (Part #C058-BB345)
  • Metal Flake (Part #C058-BB346)
  • Special Metal Flake (Part #C058-BB346S)

For pricing and shipping information, please visit an authorized Berrien Buggy dealer or contact our preferred dealer, Acme Car Company.